Cable rider • KP-01

Technical data

Denomination: Cable rider without ramp
Model No.: KP-01
Age Group: 3 to 14 years
Max. falling height: 0.990 m
Area required for erection: 28.730 x 4.0 m
Required fall area: 115
Required impact dampening ground surface: grass

Requirements for installation: The impact dampening ground surface and fall area stipulated in the pertinent standard, as well as foundations that ensure satisfactory stability.

Standard: MSZ EN 1176-1:2008, MSZ EN 1176-4:2008
Certification firm: ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Quality Control and Safety Technology llc., Hungary
ID-No. of Certificate: T-4168/3/2011

A sliding playground equipment for ensuring the experience of stereoscopic movement.

Regular play on this equipment helps to improve the child’s:

   1. balancing capabilities,
   2. integration of movement,
   3. spatial orientation and awareness,
   4. physical strength,
   5. quick-wittedness.